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Greek Ionic Column in Solid Sterling Silver - an Ionian Column Inspired Pendant $28.00 Sale Price: $19
A high quality sterling silver pendant inspired by the Ionian style Greek columns. The body of the pendant is 7/8" high and almost 1/2" wide. together with the bail it is 1 1/4" tall and weights 6 grams.
Extra Special offer: Free Shipping & Handling.
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Blitz Silver Jewelry Polishing Cloth Polish and Clean Jewels 2ply 12x15 $ 9.98 Sale Price: $4.40
A two-ply high quality polishing cloth that cleans, shines and protects Sterling Silver, 14k & 18k Gold, and Platinum. The deep-blue exterior cloth is made from 100% soft cotton flannel, folded and sewn. The white interior cloth is thoroughly treated with the finest cleaning and polishing agents and tarnish inhibitors to remove tarnish and polish your jewelry to it's original mirror-like brilliant finish. Each ply measures a extra large 12 x 15 open (12 x 8 folded), and is useable on all sides.Free Shipping & Handling if you buy five or more Jewelry Polishing Cloths.
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LUBIX Stereo Bluetooth Headset with Integrated Microphone - UBHS-NC1
Free sticker included
$100.00 Sale Price: $44.50

BRAND NEW Lubix UBHS-NC1 Bluetooth Stereo Headset BLUE COLOR Make phone calls and listen to music in style and convenience with the Lubix UBHS-NC1 Bluetooth Stereo Headset. The unique pendant-style design means the headset always stays within reach without having to always stay in your ear. Designed to be worn around the neck when not in use, the two earpieces snap together magnetically, forming a pendant with the cord as necklace. When you want to make or take a call, just separate the earpieces with one hand and put one or both of them in your ears. This lightweight, comfortable headset features A2DP support, four built-in 3D sound spatialization modes for enhanced music listening, and support for multiple simultaneous host pairing. Product Benefits: Comfort and convenience Since the Lubix UBHS-NC1 is designed to be worn as a pendant when not in use, there is no need to have a bulky device hanging on your ear at all times. When you want to make or take a call, it is easy to snap apart the magnetically-attached halves of the headset and put them on. The lightweight, silicone-cushioned earpieces fit naturally and securely in your ears without needing awkward clips. Listen to music without missing one call With support for Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) and four built-in 3D sound modes, the Lubix UBHS-NC1 headset makes a great pair of wireless headphones for listening to music in high-quality stereo, whether you use it with an MP3-capable phone, a Bluetooth-enabled music player, or your notebook PC. Thanks to multiple pairing support, you can take a call on your mobile phone while listening to music from another device?the headset beeps to notify you of the phone call. Finish the call, and the music resumes. XEN 3D Sound: ound stage out of the head, simulating the use of loudspeakers. Recharges from USB port or wall outlet. . Sales Tax: None
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